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Waze announced on Tuesday (8) that all users of the map service, which is from Google, can now plan a route from the map that exists in the desktop web version and send this planning to the smartphone, which is where GPS navigation will actually take place.

waze desktop live map mobile app

The web version map has been around for some time, with the name of live map and displaying almost all the information that can be accessed from the app that runs on Android or iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It was already possible to see information such as traffic, trace a route and even see where they are alert, such as a collision between vehicles or a hole in the road.

As of this week, another function will be available in this version, which makes the route planning that is traced inside the desktop browser go directly to the cell phone, more or less as it already happens with Google Maps. The only requirement is that the live map is open with the same Waze account that is on the smartphone.

waze desktp iphone app

In addition to starting the route on one platform and continuing on another, in the desktop version Waze allows you to choose the desired time to reach your destination. Once the path is traced, a button appears to send to the cell phone and a notification will appear on the smartphone when it is the best time to leave, according to real-time traffic information that Waze already has.

There is only one limitation in this planning: it is not possible to add one or more breakpoints along the way on the desktop. For this it is necessary to add the new location already on the smartphone, in the same way as it has happened until then.

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