Waze displays price of Brazilian tolls on the plotted route | Applications and Software

Waze announced this week that it is bringing the alert with the value of the route tolls to Brazil. The feature was launched internationally in July this year and begins to appear for all Brazilian users who run the app on an Android smartphone or tablet, in addition to those on an iPhone or iPad.

waze pedagio brasil

“We are very happy to be able to bring Toll Prices to Brazil. Nobody knows better about the values ​​of each toll than the driver himself who passes it every day. For this reason, the information coming from users is extremely valuable and further reinforces that Waze is geared towards people and the community ”, says Leandro Esposito, general director of Waze for Brazil.

As with gas station prices, the value of each toll plaza is inserted into the application with help from the user community itself. Waze says that there are currently 30 thousand people who contribute monthly with the edition of maps, either for values ​​or even for correcting streets that have acquired another name or meaning.

The value notice counts all the squares on the way and shows the total value, right after the destination address has been entered and the suggested route. As there is more than one value, which respects the type of the vehicle, the sum will respect the user’s choice in the settings and there it is possible to inform the application whether it is a car, a motorcycle or a taxi. There is still no option for trucks, which are charged differently and the amount varies by axle.

The novelty began to be implemented last Tuesday (29) and will appear automatically to all users over the next few weeks.

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