Waze Carpool wins ride points in São Paulo – Apps

Waze announced on Tuesday (5) that Carpool will have physical points to help drivers and passengers meet. The company is testing the novelty in São Paulo, where two models are already being used.

Waze ride points

Photo: Disclosure / Waze

One of them is the meeting point, that is, totems on the sidewalk that serve to make quick stops for boarding and disembarking. Waze also uses parklets, larger spaces where passengers can wait to be seated for a ride.

The first ride points serve the routes that are used a lot by users and were chosen based on data collected by the application. According to the company, they are present at the following addresses:

  • Rua Raul Saddi, 70 – Butantã (parklet)
  • Avenia Hélio Pellegrino, 1341 – Vila Nova Conceição
  • Avenida Cidade Jardim, 125 – Jardim Paulistano
  • Luís Carlos Paraná Square – Barra Funda
  • Antarctic Viaduct (Avenida Francisco Matarazzo with Rua Pedro Machado) – Barra Funda

Launched in Brazil in August 2018, Carpool has already helped to carry almost two million rides. In the country, the platform is most popular in Goiás, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco. In global numbers, the service registered around 700,000 rides in October.

“We don’t see other companies as our competition. Our competition is in driving alone, ”says Waze CEO Noam Bardin. “We need to convince people not to drive alone. This is the most difficult challenge: changing what you do every day. This is our competition ”.

And despite the impressive numbers, Waze still does not profit from Carpool. For the executive, before making money, the company needs to encourage the adoption of a culture of car sharing among people going to nearby destinations.

“We are losing money on most trips,” he says. “We are paying drivers more than we collect from passengers because we have to make this change in behavior. In the long term, we believe that we will keep a part of the transaction ”.

As a map service, Waze has more than 130 million monthly users. In Brazil, the app has more than 10 million users (4.5 million in São Paulo only) who spend an average of 1h56min per day on the platform.

The company hopes that the physical points in São Paulo will serve not only to improve the experience of users of Carpool, but also to encourage other people to experience traveling in the city by hitchhiking.

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