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The show keys arrived without fanfare at Amazon Prime Video: there are 221 episodes of seven seasons originally aired between 1973 and 1980 in Mexico, and since 1984 in Brazil through the SBT channel. The series was available on Netflix for a few years, but was removed from the catalog after the end of an agreement with Televisa.


In mid-July, episodes from five seasons of keys arrived at Amazon Prime Video. At the end of the month, one more season was included in the catalog. And now, there are seven seasons in total, varying between 22 and 43 episodes each – all with audio in Portuguese.

“Chaves is an eight-year-old boy who practically lives in a barrel in the courtyard of a community full of crazy but memorable characters”, says the description of Amazon. “He lives countless adventures while playing on the patio with the cheerful group of children who also live in the complex.”

keys has been successful in Brazil for decades

El Chavo del Ocho it was initially shown in Mexico, with Roberto Bolaños playing the main character. The series spread throughout Latin America, becoming an audience success: each episode was watched by more than 350 million people on the continent. It has been translated into 50 languages, reaching China, Japan, South Korea and India.

In Brazil, keys it was shown for decades in the afternoons of SBT. In 2018, it started being broadcast by Multishow together with Chapolin, taking the paid channel to leadership in the pay TV audience among the public aged 25 to 34 years. The series can also be accessed through Globosat Play, available to pay TV subscribers.

Netflix had episodes of keys in your Brazilian catalog between 2011 and 2016; Chapolin and Rebel were also available. They have been removed after Televisa launched its own streaming service in Mexico called Blim.

These are the seasons of keys available on Amazon Prime Video and its respective number of episodes:

  • 1st season: 22 episodes
  • 2nd season: 31 episodes
  • 3rd season: 31 episodes
  • 4th season: 30 episodes
  • 5th season: 30 episodes
  • 6th season: 34 episodes
  • 7th season: 43 episodes

Keys on Amazon Prime Video

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