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The week began agitated by the news that Telefónica, which owns the Live, would be interested in buying at least part of the Hi; however, operators have informed the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) that they are unaware of a business attempt. In debt, Oi has been recording losses and is trying to raise R $ 2.5 billion to continue its activities in 2020.


The subject came up with a report from the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, who was one of the first to report the scandal Panama Papers. Telefônica Brasil / Vivo informed the CVM that the information circulated in the press was based on a statement by an unidentified source, and that it is “taking steps” to confirm whether the Spanish parent company really wants to buy Oi, in whole or in part .

On the other hand, Oi has also expressed itself and says that it “completely ignores” any intention to purchase company assets by Telefônica Brasil, and that it will keep the market and shareholders informed about the relevant facts that impact its business.

Oi goes through crisis and has billionaire loss

Oi is going through a delicate judicial reorganization process that started with debts of R $ 65 billion. In the disclosure of the financial results for the second quarter, the operator recorded a loss of R $ 1.5 billion.

In August, an article published by the State of S. Paulo stated that the federal government was afraid that regions of the country would be without fixed telephone service next year, with an imminent risk of intervention by Anatel. However, both the government and the agency denied the information, preferring a market solution.

The operator tries to raise R $ 2.5 billion in cash to avoid running out of funds next year. During the disclosure of the strategic plan, Oi demonstrated its intention to focus on the fixed business with expansion of the fiber optic network to 16 million households by 2021.

The recent approval of PLC 79 is extremely important for the future of Oi, which may change the operation model from concessionaire to authorized. This will allow the operator to incorporate the reversible assets if it invests the values ​​in the expansion of broadband, in addition to bringing legal certainty by not having to return the fixed network to the federal government in 2025.

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