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NPerf released a report with measurements of fixed broadband internet major operators in Brazil. The study, carried out in the first half of 2019, shows that the Live had the best download, upload and latency results. It also offers the highest download speeds during business hours, between 8 am and 6 pm; but it is surpassed at other times by Claro / NET. In turn, the Hi is the slowest.


See the data:

Operator Claro / NET Hi Live
Download speed 47.45 Mb / s 11.55 Mb / s 51.39 Mb / s
Upload speed 7.27 Mb / s 2.44 Mb / s 27.52 Mb / s
Latency 45.81 ms 78.42 ms 45.7 ms

Vivo had the best results among the three operators, especially when it comes to speed of Upload. In plans with technology access via optical fiber, the upload corresponds to 50% of the download speed.

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At Claro / NET, fiber optic plans also offer upload equal to 50% of the download speed. However, its presence with FTTH technology is very small compared to cable, in which the upload reaches a maximum of 25 Mb / s – therefore, the average speed is less. At Oi, even considering fiber plans, the highest upload speed is only 15 Mb / s.

Vivo surpasses Claro NET in download speed upload and

1610242996 824 Vivo surpasses Claro NET in download speed upload and

The result of latency it was very similar between Vivo and Claro / NET, even with the last operator using cable connection. Oi, with the majority of customers using DSL technology, had much higher latency, which can harm those who like online games.

1610242996 957 Vivo surpasses Claro NET in download speed upload and

The study also points out that Vivo is able to offer the best download speeds in the business hours, between 8 am and 6 pm. At other times, Claro / NET ends up surpassing itself and getting closer to 50 Mb / s. Oi remains more constant during all hours, but at a much lower level.

1610242996 520 Vivo surpasses Claro NET in download speed upload and

Average speed in Brazil is 42 Mb / s

In the nPerf tests, the average download speed in Brazil was 42 Mb / s, while the average upload was 13 Mb / s. More than 1.8 million measurements were made, of which 49.3% were from Claro / NET, 32.9% were from Vivo, and 17.8% were from Oi.

The data from market share are consistent with the data released by Anatel, and according to the agency, more than 33% of fixed internet accesses in Brazil correspond to speeds greater than 34 Mb / s.

However, it is worth remembering that, together, small operators are in 2nd place in the number of customers, being larger than Vivo and Oi. The nPerf report reports only data from large operators, and disregards repeated measurements and also those made through networks furniture.

With information: nPerf.

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