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O Vivo Easy is a cellular plan in which all hiring and maintenance is done through an application. Its main differential is that the internet has no expiration date, there is no monthly fee for those who have an active package and payment is made exclusively by credit card. The values ​​were quite salty, but that changed.

Vivo Easy gives 50 cashback on internet packages before Black

Previously it was possible to hire 100 different data packages, which varied from 1 GB to 100 GB. The latest change simplified the choice and left only nine options. Look:

Franchise New value Previous value
1 GB R $ 15.00 R $ 19.90
2 GB R $ 28.00 R $ 34.99
3 GB R $ 39.00 R $ 47.99
4 GB R $ 45.00 R $ 59.99
5 GB R $ 50.00 R $ 72.99
10 GB R $ 70.00 R $ 132.99
20 GB R $ 100.00 R $ 238.99
50 GB R $ 140.00 R $ 511.99
100 GB R $ 200.00 R $ 899.99

The change was not so significant in packages from 1 GB to 5 GB, but from 10 GB onwards the cost per gigabyte fell dramatically. As the internet is not valid, it is much more worthwhile to hire 50 GB or 100 GB, which should be enough for several months or even the whole year for some people.

The other services have not changed. Calls still cost R $ 0.99 per day; those who use it for a whole month will pay about R $ 30 to be able to speak with any number in Brazil. There are still daily applications with unlimited traffic:

  • Whatsapp: R $ 0.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 9.90)
  • Facebook and Facebook Messenger: R $ 1.49 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 14.90)
  • YouTube: R $ 2.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 29.90)
  • Netflix: R $ 2.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 29.90)
  • Spotify: R $ 1.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 19.90)
  • Mobility (Waze, Cabify and Moovitt): R $ 0.49 per day (or 30 per day for R $ 4.90)
  • Tinder: R $ 0.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 9.90)
  • Twitter: R $ 0.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 9.90)
  • Pinterest: R $ 0.99 per day (or 30 nights for R $ 9.90)

It is not mandatory to buy daily rates to access these apps – data traffic would discount from the main internet plan. These rates are useful for those days that you will be on the phone all day and do not want to compromise the main internet package. It is also possible to hire app rates even without having a traditional internet package active on the line.

Vivo reduces the price of internet packages at Vivo Easy

It is difficult to compare Vivo Easy with other plans precisely because there is no expiration date for internet packages. With the old prices, Easy was an unviable option for those who maintained constant use of the phone, since the internet packages were expensive and it is necessary to pay separately for calls.

Now that the packages have become more accessible, it is worth considering Vivo Easy as a plan. 100 GB of internet should be enough for one year of internet for most people (8.3 GB per month!). with a monthly cost of R $ 16.67. It would be necessary to pay for calls, which cost R $ 0.99 per day or R $ 29.70 per month. This is already better than any other Vivo plan: the most basic control costs R $ 54.99 per month with 4.5 GB of internet and has a catch with loyalty.

Claro also has a digital plan, Claro Flex. The prices are also good: 8 GB of internet for R $ 39.99 and 10 GB of Internet for R $ 49.99, with unlimited calls to any operator and access without discounting the franchise to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Waze and Cabify. However, the plan is monthly, so that unused data does not accumulate for the coming months. Payment is also made exclusively by credit card.

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