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Customers Live faced instability in the 3G and 4G during the morning of this Friday (13): some people were unable to browse through the mobile internet; others said that the connection was very slow, without uploading images or videos. The operator says that the service is already regularized.

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According to the DownDetector, these are the cities that most reported problems: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Manaus, Campinas and Recife.

The volume of complaints at DownDetector started to increase since 7 am. Some customers report that when trying to browse 4G, they were redirected to a page that allows them to purchase additional data packages.

“4G doesn’t work and the worst thing is that you send it to a Vivo page to buy an additional internet package”, says a client. “A message appears that the data deductible has been consumed, and that there are still about 40 GB (Family Plan)”, informs another.

“No data on 4G and I have 80 GB of balance … when trying to browse I am informed by an internal Vivo website that I have no available balance and trying to redirect to buy credits”, says another customer.

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Vivo’s service explained to one of the users that the system “understands that all postpaid lines have already consumed their data packages, even if there is a package available”. Therefore, the operator would not be allowing navigation to several customers.

The DownDetector map shows that it is a national problem, affecting especially the South, Southeast and the city of Brasília.

O Tecnoblog got in touch with Vivo; in the official positioning, the operator says that the service is normalized:

Vivo informs that some customers may have encountered difficulties when using mobile data service. The service has already been regularized. The company advises the population to contact * 8486 when it identifies problems in the operator’s mobile network.

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