Vivo has a plan with 9.5 GB of internet for R $ 54.99 on Consumer Day | Telecommunications

THE Live is running a promotion on Client’s Day: during the 9th and 10th of September, whoever contracts a control plan with an annual charge will have an internet bonus of 5 GB. Thus, it is possible to have 9.5 GB of franchise for R $ 54.99, in addition to unlimited calls to any operator and unlimited WhatsApp – this is a cost-benefit very similar to that of TIM Beta. However, it is necessary to be aware of a “catch” in loyalty.

Vivo releases service for defaulters and installment of invoices

These are the plans:

  • 9.5 GB (4 GB main franchise + 5 GB promotional + 500 MB per digital account): R $ 54.99
  • 10.5 GB (5 GB main franchise + 5 GB promotional + 500 MB per digital account): R $ 69.99

The plans include unlimited calls for any operator (including DDD), as well as access without discounting the franchise to WhatsApp (including voice calls), Waze, Cabify and Moovit. Whoever subscribes to Vivo Controle will have access to the GoRead, Vivo Meditação Lite and NBA Basic apps; those who hire the R $ 69.99 plan will also be able to use English Kantoo.

According to promotion regulation, the 5 GB bonus will be available on the line within 15 days and will be renewed every month for 12 months. In addition, the offer is not valid for downgrade, that is, for exchange for a plan with a lower price than the current one.

Vivo has a plan with 95 GB of internet for
Vivo Controle has loyalty with automatic renewal

One catch is that, as with postpaid plans, Annual Control has a 12-month loyalty that is automatically renewed after the first year. Whoever cancels in the first year pays a pro-rata fine (proportional) of R $ 144; in the other years, the fine is R $ 72. To escape this, it is necessary to cancel the plan exactly on the last day of the contract term.

Anyone who wants an alternative with a similar amount of internet can look to Claro: the competitor has the Claro Flex digital plan, with 8 GB of internet for R $ 39.99 and 10 GB for R $ 49.99. The service has exclusive charge by credit card and offers access to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Waze and Cabify without discounting the franchise.

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