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Those who hire or migrate to a Vivo Post Individual plan until October 31 will have 10 GB of internet bonuses per month for one year. The promotion is valid only for those who join the Vivo website, and the bonus will be included within 15 working days. The operator offers unlimited WhatsApp and extra franchise for Netflix, YouTube and Spotify; however, there is a catch to 12-month loyalty.

Vivo is obliged to allow customers to change plans on

See the plans:

  • 18 GB (8 GB of the plan + 10 GB of bonus) and 8 GB for video and music: R $ 129.99
  • 22 GB (12 GB of the plan + 10 GB of bonus) and 12 GB for video and music: R $ 189.99

They include unlimited calls to any operator in Brazil, in addition to WhatsApp, Waze, Cabify and Moovit without discounting the data package. The video and music franchise can be used with Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Napster, NBA, Vivo Play and Tidal.

THE prank is that it deals with annual plans, with 12 months loyalty that is automatically renewed for the next year. Anyone who wants to cancel the plan must pay attention to cancel exactly at the end of the contract. In the first year, the fine is R $ 300; from the second year onwards, the value drops by half. In both cases, the amounts are proportional until the next renewal.

The 10 GB bonus is also available on monthly plans without fidelity, which are more expensive:

  • 17 GB (7 GB of the plan + 10 GB of bonus): R $ 129.99
  • 18 GB (8 GB of the plan + 10 GB of bonus) and 8 GB for video and music: R $ 159.99
  • 22 GB (12 GB of the plan + 10 GB of bonus) and 12 GB for video and music: R $ 219.99

These options also include unlimited calls to any operator, unlimited access to WhatsApp and mobility apps, and extra franchise for streaming from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and other streaming apps.

How is the postpaid of competitors Claro, TIM and Oi

With the 10 GB bonus, Vivo Pós Individual manages to get closer to the cheaper postpaid plans of the competition:

  • the entrance plan of sure it has 7 GB of internet, 7 GB for videos, released social networks and international roaming in 18 countries in the Americas and costs R $ 119.90;
  • O TIM Black with 8 GB of internet and 8 GB for videos and social networks released it costs R $ 119.90;
  • it is difficult to compete with Hi, which has the most aggressive plan among competitors: for R $ 99.90 the customer takes 50 GB of internet, in addition to video apps and social networks without discounting the franchise.

It is not common for Vivo to make promotions with extra deductibles, not even during the Black Friday period in previous years. However, competition has grown, especially Claro, which claims to lead the number of ported lines, and which will incorporate a wide base of postpaid customers due to the acquisition of Nextel.

Recently, the operator adjusted the prices of Vivo Easy, which became much more attractive: it is possible to purchase a data pack of 100 GB for R $ 200, which has no expiration date and can be used until the consumption of the last megabyte. Until October 31, those who buy the package will receive R $ 100 in bonuses to use with Vivo services, including purchase of calls, app rates and even more internet.

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