Vivo fined R $ 3.5 million by Procon for irregular charges | Telecommunications

Telefônica Brasil, owner of the operator Live, was fined by the Procon-SP Foundation by R $ 3.55 million. The assessment was based on consumer complaints, which involve undue charges and inefficient service.

Vivo fined R 35 million by Procon for irregular

According to Procon, Vivo made irregular collections from consumers, demanding payments without the provision of the service, for amounts already paid and also for services already canceled. In addition, the company also activated unsolicited products by customers and sent their invoices.

In addition, the entity informs that Vivo did not present solutions to the demands of the customer service within the period of five working days, and concluded that the conduct “proves to be abusive, puts consumers at a disadvantage and violates the Code of Defense Consumer”.

The fine will be applied through administrative procedure. In contact with Tecnoblog, Vivo sent the following position:

“For Vivo, the focus on the customer is a priority and clarifies that it has 90% resolution of preliminary complaints with the Procon SP Foundation, according to the ranking of the National Consumer Protection Information System – Sindec. Regarding the assessment, the company points out that it contacted the Procon SP Foundation and, after request, had access to the case file. Vivo will evaluate, within the legal term, the content of the Notice of Infraction and the competent appeal ”.

Sky fined for misleading advertising

Earlier this month, the Procon-SP Foundation presented a R $ 2.9 million fine to Sky for misleading advertising. The reason is Sky Livre: the operator sold a kit with receiver and antenna with the promise of free access to open TV channels through the operator’s platform. However, the operator discontinued the service by turning off the analog signal.

With information: Procon-SP. Updated at 18:18 with Vivo’s official positioning.

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