Vivo Car is Vivo’s plan to connect cars with 40 GB of internet per month | Telecommunications

THE Live started on Monday (30) sales of Vivo Car, a device that connects a conventional car to the internet and allows you to check information about the vehicle through an application on your smartphone. In addition, the car becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot with a 40 GB franchise.

Vivo Car is Vivos plan to connect cars with 40

The device connects to the OBDII / OBD2 port, used for diagnostics. This slot is available on most vehicles: in Brazil, all automakers have been required to deliver cars with the technology since 2010. It is also common to find the connection on older vehicles – you can check compatibility at Vivo Car website.

From the iOS and Android application, the driver is able to know real-time information about the vehicle’s health, possible mechanical or electrical failures, planning revisions and safety alerts.

The device is equipped with GPS, allowing to view the location in real time and history of routes, in addition to notifying the owner when the car was started, turned off, if it exceeded the configured maximum speed, if there was a possible collision and even if a trailer is in progress.

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Vivo Car is sold directly by Vivo, to new or existing customers. The equipment costs R $ 718.00, which can be paid in up to 12 installments, and has a 40 GB deductible per month for use on the car’s Wi-Fi network. From the 13th month, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee of R $ 59.90 to continue accessing the service. WhatsApp and Waze data do not discount the franchise.

Wi-Fi can be accessed by up to five devices simultaneously. According to the regulation, the Vivo Car SIM card is for exclusive use in the automotive device and does not work if placed on a conventional smartphone, modem or tablet. It seems to be the ideal plan for those who spend a lot of time in the car, such as application drivers.

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