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Vivaldi, a browser based on Chromium, decided to evolve the idea of ​​game within the browser and added the Vivaldia, a platform game with an 8-bit face and cyberpunk theme. Like its rival on the Google side, the new game can be played both on the desktop and on the smartphone.

Vivaldia, game inside the Vivaldi browser (Image: disclosure / Vivaldi)

Vivaldia, game inside the Vivaldi browser (Image: disclosure / Vivaldi)

What can be done in moments without internet? Play some game, so much so that Chrome has an endless runner where a dinosaur needs to jump the obstacles in the way. A turbocharged version of it was created by a third-party developer.

Available in version 3.4 of the browser, the Vivaldia is a game that drinks from the same source of Cyberpunk 2077. That means that futuristic look of the 1980s, with neon and technology mixed with humans. Even as an endless runner, where the screen never stops moving in one direction, it is possible to control some of the character’s movements.

He can go forward, back or jump, as well as shoot up, down or diagonally. You need to continue on the path avoiding obstacles, destroying enemies and collecting coins to increase the final score. Another difference when compared to the Chrome game is that the character can take damage three times.

How to play at Vivaldi

To open the game, which is inside Vivaldi and does not need internet to work, you need version 3.4 of the browser. O Vivaldia is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, freeing even for Chromebooks through the app downloaded from the Play Store.

Once the browser is installed, just paste, without quotes, “vivaldi: // game” in the address bar and enter. The game can be played with keyboard or even physical control.

With information: Vivaldi.

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