Visa says approach payment increased 40% in Brazil | Finance

A study of the Visa Consulting & Analytics released on Friday (9) indicates that the use of approach payment in Brazil it grew by 40% in the first half of 2020. The care for prevention of COVID-19 appears among the main drivers of this scenario. Credit transactions dominate, but debt is increasingly accepted in the modality.

Google Pay (image: Visa)

Google Pay (image: Visa)

Called Approximation payment map for Brazil, the survey points out in its most recent version that the adoption of payment by approximation (includes contactless cards and services like Google Pay) under the Visa banner has grown across the country, but the following states stand out:

  • Amapá (161% increase)
  • Rio Grande do Norte (147%)
  • Tocantins (144%)
  • Mato Grosso do Sul (136%)
  • Rondônia (114%)

The figures refer to the month of June compared to January 2020. As you know, it was in this interval that the pandemic “broke out”. As payment by approximation reduces or eliminates (in the case of payments that do not require a password) the need to contact the card machine, the modality has come to be seen as a safer way of buying in physical establishments.

Credit payments accounted for 65% of Visa approach transactions carried out in June. In this modality, the average ticket (average amount spent by consumers in each transaction) was R $ 86. The payment for approximation in debit registered an average ticket of R $ 46.

The survey also pointed out which types of commercial establishments received the most payment per approach. These are:

  • Food-related markets and stores, such as produce, convenience stores and cafeterias (does not include restaurants and fast food)
  • Gas station
  • Pharmacies
  • Bakeries

For Oscar Pettezzoni, director of Visa Consulting & Analytics, the increase in the payment limit for approximation without the need for a password from R $ 50 to R $ 100 will further contribute to the adoption of the technology and, consequently, to a higher average ticket (note that the limit increase was announced in July and therefore does not include the period analyzed in the survey).

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