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New rules for obtaining the National Driver’s License (CNH) came into force on Monday (16). The most important of them puts an end to a controversial issue: as determined by the National Traffic Council (Contran), from now on, classes in a vehicle driving simulator are no longer mandatory.

The simulator became mandatory in driving schools in 2015 to obtain CNH category B and was adopted under the argument of reducing the risk of accidents with those who are having the first contacts with driving a car. But, for TarcĂ­sio de Freitas, Minister of Infrastructure, there was never any proof that the simulator is effective.

Now, the simulator is optional equipment in driving schools across Brazil. For now, the only exception is Rio Grande Sul: the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4) maintained the simulator as mandatory in the state, as it understands that its revocation has no justification to justify the change.

RSV-3 simulator

In the rest of the country, the end of the use of the simulator also reduces the number of practical classes from 25 to 20 classes / hour. This is because, of this total, five hours / class should be performed on the equipment. The new workload is the same as that required before the simulator requirement.

At the time the decision was made, the federal government stated that the expectation is that the changes linked to the release of the simulators will cause the costs for obtaining the CNH to fall by around 15%.

Changes in ACC (for fifties)

Another change concerns calls fifties: until September 2020, obtaining the ACC (Authorization to Drive a Moped) for driving 50 cc motorcycles will require only the realization of theoretical and practical tests.

Practical classes for ACC will only be required if the tests fail. They will be mandatory again after September 2020, but with a reduced number of classes: the number of hours / class will drop from 20 to five, with one of them to be held at night.

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