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MacOS Catalina should be officially launched for compatible Mac users as early as next month, but two major Torrents programs will no longer work on their desktop versions: uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline. What will make the software incompatible is the 32-bit programming they use, which is not supported in the latest version of macOS.

uTorrent will not work on macOS Catalina

Of course, this negative scenario will only happen if the company responsible for Torrent customers, BitTorrent Inc., does not update its software, at least before the availability of macOS Catalina to the general public. If not, users can use uTorrent and BiTorrent Mainline only in their web versions, which use Chrome or Firefox to track downloads and uploads.

One way to continue using apps involves staying with the current version of macOS, which is not recommended for security reasons – and for giving up all the features that come with the update.

Last year a 64-bit version of uTorrent was requested by a user, but the discussion thread in the customer forum was archived, without even receiving an official response from the company. In short, nothing 64-bit is planned – for now.

It can be better without uTorrent

UTorrent has been spotted installing cryptocurrency miners in the past and there have also been some rumors about installing malware, which is not good in any situation. We have listed some alternatives to the most popular Torrent client to install on Windows, Mac or Linux and the most famous for the Apple platform (which even I used) is Transmission – which is even lighter, consuming less system resources.

With information: TorrentFreak.

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