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Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s Battle Royale, will have its second season launched on October 6, and this is a card from the company to try to “save” the game. Ubisoft itself has already mentioned that the title did not go as well as they expected, even though it is free and available on several devices, such as PS4, Xbox One and PC (Windows).

Ubisoft will try to save Hyper Scape with season 2

In a note published on the game’s official website, Ubisoft admitted that it did not achieve the expected success among players, and that for that reason the producer would act. “We have a lot of work to do for this, but our team is fully committed to the challenge”, says the note in question.

So the idea is now to update Hyper Scape constantly, including the new season coming soon, via free update and with other benefits for all Battle Royale players.

Hyper Scape Season 2

One of the great news of the new season of Hyper Scape is that the game will have Halloween-themed content, a date celebrated in late October worldwide, but especially in North America.

Players can also wait for new items, like the Atrax, capable of launching explosives that stick and detonate over a period of time. Another novelty involves the map, with the unprecedented location Memorial, a kind of futuristic cathedral.

For its second season, Hyper Scape will also debut two types of Battle Pass: one free and one for those who want to buy with real money, which provides new skins and other cosmetic benefits.

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