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THE Uber announced on Thursday (26) that it has started testing a new application that brings together the two main services of the company: Uber trips and food deliveries from Uber Eats. The company will also show public transport information in Brazil and will guide passengers before disembarking about the presence of cyclists on the road.

New Uber app

Racing is Uber’s biggest business, but the company has been diversifying to rely less on passenger transport. It continues to suffer losses, but sees significant growth in some areas. In the first quarter of 2019, revenue from Uber Eats increased 89% in one year, while the “other bets” division (scooters, electric bikes and cargo transportation) shot up 263%. Passenger transport increased by only 9%.

Therefore, Uber wants to highlight other services. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says: “Now we want to make Uber the operating system of your day-to-day: be it the way you want to get around, be it the service you need, we want the Uber app to be the one you’re going to open” This “superapp” story is really in vogue – will we be able to do grocery shopping in the future too?

Uber Eats

According to Uber, “the new app interface will integrate existing products and display to the user, on the home screen, travel requests and Uber Eats orders side by side with other options, so that he can choose whatever he wants ”. The application will be launched in nine countries and will reach Brazilian users “in the coming weeks”.

Uber shows public transport information and warns of cyclists

Uber / public transport

The Uber app will have integration with public transportation, displaying information about bus, subway or train lines for the user to plan complete or partial trips with multiple modes. The novelty was being tested in London, Sydney and Chicago; and will reach seven more cities, including São Paulo, “in the coming months”.

When you indicate the destination in the app, you will be able to see which public transport lines can be used to get to the location. The information is very complete, matching options such as Google Maps and Citymapper, with bus schedules, number of stops and other data. The company went further in the city of Denver, where you can also buy a bus ticket directly from Uber.

Uber / cyclist alert

Another novelty, which begins to be tested this Thursday (26) in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is the alert of cyclists. “The goal is to guide those who are making an Uber trip to check for the presence of cyclists before opening the car door when boarding. In addition, if you are on a trip that ends near or along a cycle path or cycle lane, the application will send a notification at the end of the route, advising the user to double their attention when getting out of the car ”, says Uber.

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