Uber will test audio recording at races in Brazil – Apps

Uber has been testing at least since October a feature that allows audio recording during races. The solution, which will be offered to passengers and drivers, will also be tested in some Brazilian cities.

Uber will allow you to record audio

The information is The Washington Post, which indicates the feature’s arrival for some users in Brazil and Mexico starting in December. With the recording, Uber intends to help resolve more incidents reported by passengers and drivers on trips.

When they finish a journey in which they noticed something unwanted, they will be able to send the audio to Uber. The recorded material cannot be heard by passengers or drivers and will only be available to the company’s support team.

“The encrypted audio file is sent to Uber’s customer service agents, who will use it to better understand an incident and take appropriate action,” said Uber, in a note sent to The Washington Post.

In cities where the feature is released, drivers will be able to configure the app to record all races. Passengers, in turn, must activate the recording at the beginning of each trip in the area of ​​security resources.

The application will not inform the parties when a recording is started. According to Uber’s head of security products, Sachin Kansal, instructions on how to start recording audio and requests for permission to access the microphone will serve as warnings of possible audio collections.

Audio recording will join other security features that Uber has released for users. Recently, the service started using cell phone sensors to detect unexpected stops and require a security code before trips.

With information: Engadget.

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