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Uber is warning drivers about the new rules cancellation and waiting time in Brazil, according to Subway: if the passenger gives up the race before the vehicle arrives, the value will consider the distance already covered. And if the driver has already arrived, a fee will be charged after 2 (or 5) minutes of waiting.


The cancellation fee rules have been in effect since July in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Florianópolis; they started to apply in more cities, such as São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. In turn, the additional waiting fee has been extended all over Brazil since the 4th of September.

It works like this: suppose you called an Uber, it arrived at your location, but it took you more than 2 minutes – or 5 minutes, depending on the city – to arrive. In this case, you will be charged additional waiting time fee at the end of your run.

In São Paulo, the values ​​are R $ 0.26 / minute on Uber Juntos and UberX; and R $ 0.28 / minute on Uber Select and Black. “The cost of waiting time is exactly the same as the per minute rate on trips”, explained to Uber in August.

After the trip, this amount will appear on your receipt as “Waiting time”:

Uber waiting time

The application alerts users through a notification: “after 2 minutes, the waiting time will be charged”.


Uber charges variable cancellation fees

AND if the passenger cancels after the driver accepts the trip? In this case, the cancellation fee considers the distance traveled and the time spent. It will be charged only if the passenger cancels after 3 minutes (1 minute in the case of Uber Juntos). In addition, you will be exempted if Uber detects that the driver is not traveling to your location.

The fee depends on the category you choose; these are the values ​​in São Paulo:

  • UberX and Uber Together: R $ 1.40 per kilometer, R $ 0.26 per minute
  • Uber Select: R $ 1.53 per kilometer, R $ 0.28 per minute
  • Uber Black: R $ 2.32 per kilometer, R $ 0.28 per minute

That rate has a minimum and maximum limit depending on the category; in São Paulo, it looks like this:

  • Uber Together: R $ 2.50 to R $ 7.00
  • UberX and Uber Select: R $ 4.50 to R $ 12.00
  • Uber Black: R $ 6.00 to R $ 15.50

The rule is different if the driver cancels after arriving at the location and wait more than 3 minutes (2 minutes in the case of Uber Juntos). In this case, the tariff is fixed: R $ 3.50 at Uber Juntos, R $ 6 at UberX and R $ 7.50 at Uber Black.

“If the passenger doesn’t show up, you [motorista] you can cancel the trip normally and the cancellation fee will be charged ”, explains Uber. “In that case, the waiting time will not be charged.”

And for those who don’t live in São Paulo?

UberX cancellation

You can check the cancellation fee and waiting fee on the Uber website. Access the price calculator, do a travel simulation in your city, and click on the UberX, Black, etc. categories. to know the values.

In the table, under “Cancellations”, you will find:

  • The user cancellation fee, charged when the driver cancels after waiting;
  • The standard user-initiated cancellation fee, which is the minimum amount charged if the passenger cancels;
  • charging for minute and why kilometer if the passenger cancels;
  • the additional amount for waiting time (in the small print warning at the bottom).

For example, in Rio de Janeiro, the additional fee for waiting time is R $ 0.15 per minute on UberX. If the passenger cancels, the minimum fee is R $ 2, taking into account the distance already covered (R $ 1.40 / km) and the time spent by the driver (R $ 0.15 / min). If the driver cancels after waiting, the fee is fixed at R $ 5.

UberX cancellation

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