Uber tests in São Paulo program that evaluates vehicle quality

The Uber Rewards loyalty program is not the only recent news from Uber in Brazil. On Thursday (5), the company announced the pilot of a quality program that, in the first phase, aims to ensure that the platform’s cars meet the criteria of maintenance, comfort and safety.

Called the Quality in Movement Program, the initiative should be expanded to various parts of the country, but, for now, it will be tested only in the city of São Paulo. 500 partner drivers were selected for this stage.

Through an application that will collect images, drivers will submit their vehicles to a kind of virtual check-up that will analyze various aspects to classify the quality standard of each one of them.


Among these aspects are safety items, situation of the front and rear seats, state of the windows and mirrors, conditions of the steering panel and exterior of the vehicles (side, front and rear, for example), among others.

These aspects will be related to factors such as age of the vehicle, number of trips made by him within the platform and user ratings so that each car can be classified.

Initially, only the vehicle will be evaluated, but the idea is to combine the vehicle inspection with the driver’s evaluation in future stages so that he has an overview of the quality of his service and can proceed to the next level. At a later stage, this information may be made available to users in race requests.

As already informed, the company has plans to take the program to other cities besides São Paulo, but has not yet defined when, or for which.

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