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THE Uber is bringing to Brazil a feature that makes it easy to find passengers: the tool, called LED, illuminates the user’s cell phone screen with a specific color so that the driver can find it. This is in the testing phase and can be useful after events, shows and parties, when many people often use the app and call cars to the same place.


It’s simple: after calling a vehicle, the app will continue to show the driver’s data and the map with the estimated arrival time. But, next to the chat field, you will see a new colored button: tap it and your phone screen will take on a vibrant color chosen at random. Then, the driver receives a notification to know which color to look for.

This is optional: you decide whether to use the LED or not. It is being tested with some users in the cities of Brasília, Recife, Salvador, Campinas and Vitória. This feature was launched in the USA last year.

Uber LED

“We know that there are situations where the simple task of finding the user becomes more difficult for the driver, such as when leaving a big event, when people are lost in the crowd, or in a street with poor lighting at night”, says Guilherme Nazar, Uber’s director of operations in Brazil, in a statement. “We want to test whether a resource that is already in the user’s hands, his cell phone, can be useful in these situations.”

As this is a test, Uber may not permanently implement the LED. Perhaps people are afraid to show their cell phone for fear of being stolen, for example. As much as the feature is optional, it would not be worth keeping it for a few to use.

Uber offers colorful Beacon for cars in the U.S.

I would like Uber to implement Beacon in Brazil: it is a device that connects via Bluetooth to the driver’s smartphone and shines in a specific color. That way, the passenger can find you more easily.

For now, the Beacon is only offered to drivers who are on the Platinum or Diamond level of the Uber Pro benefits program in four U.S. cities (Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas and Washington, DC). The company says that plans to make it available in more places.

In the U.S., Uber is also testing a way to streamline passenger boarding at airports. The application displays a six-digit code that needs to be informed to one of the drivers already waiting in line.

With information: Uber.

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