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O Uber Together, known in other countries as Uber Pool, it is interesting for those who want to save on travel and have no time restrictions: after all, the driver can leave the route to pick up another passenger. So, to stimulate shared races, who ask for one UberX in the USA you will receive the suggestion to take an Uber Pool – the user will be the last to enter and the first to get out of the car.


The novelty is called “Non-Stop Shared Rides” (shared races without stop). It works like this: the user calls an UberX and the application automatically searches for an Uber Pool route that allows him to enter last and leave first. If so, the option appears on the screen to participate in the shared trip; it is possible to refuse.

Anyone who agrees to join an “Non-Stop Shared Ride” from Uber Pool receives credits from Uber Cash to spend on the platform, either in future trips or in an Uber Eats delivery. For drivers, this will only be a continuation of a race in the Pool.

“When ordering an UberX ride, at certain times you’ll have the option of taking the last seat in an Uber Pool and being the first to leave,” explains the company. “Anyone who chooses to share the trip will receive Uber Cash that can be used for their next race or Eats order, and you arrive at your destination in approximately the same amount of time.”

Uber wants to encourage shared travel

Uber Non-Stop Shared Ride

Brandon Trew, product director at Uber Pool, explains to Mashable the reasoning behind the Non-Stop Shared Rides: “we think there are people who would love to avoid CO2 emissions, but who are focused on the element of speed”.

Pool / Juntos was launched five years ago and has reached 50 different markets since then. Uber estimates that the service saved 34 million liters of gasoline, and avoided the emission of 80,000 tons of CO2, compared to UberX travel.

The Non-Stop Shared Rides feature is available in 16 U.S. cities: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC There is still no forecast for launch in Brazil.

With information: Uber, Mashable.

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