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The loyalty program Uber Rewards is reaching more Brazilian capitals: as of this Monday (11), users from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Curitiba will be able to participate. Passengers earn points that can yield category upgrades at no additional cost, free delivery at Uber Eats, among other benefits.


Uber Rewards arrived in Brazil in August in the cities of Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Maceió, Natal, Brasília, Goiânia, Vitória, Santos, São José dos Campos and Florianópolis; the company’s intention is to expand it to the whole country. For participate, open the app, tap the menu and select Uber Rewards.

You win 1 point for every R $ 1 spent in races of Uber Together, UberX and UberX VIP, or in orders from Uber Eats. Meanwhile, at Uber Select and Uber Black, you get 2 points for every R $ 1 spent.

exist four levels on Uber Rewards: Blue (up to 400 points), Gold (400 to 1,500 points), Platinum (1,500 to 4,000 points) and Diamond (above 4,000 points). The program takes into account your spending in the last six months: that is, if you have made several trips through the platform, you may already start at the Gold level.

For every 500 points accumulated, the user can choose between a 10% discount on UberX trips for three days, or a 20% discount on an order at Uber Eats. This goes for everyone, including the Blue category.

Uber Rewards in Brazil

Uber Rewards has Gold, Platinum and Diamond benefits

Users Gold are paired with more VIP drivers and receive priority support service. Users Platinum have priority on trips from airports in Brazil and a free delivery by Uber Eats every 6 months; there is also the possibility to choose a favorite route to avoid price increases, even at peak times.

The benefits will accumulate as you level up. Who is a user Diamond has the advantages above, in addition to the surprise category upgrade: an Uber Black or Uber Select trip leaves at the price of UberX, at no additional cost, once a month.

Uber Rewards also offers discounts at the online Evino wine store as the user earns points. The company is already negotiating other partnerships to expand the benefits of the loyalty program. You can check more details at t.uber.com/rewardsbr.

These advantages are valid for passengers. Meanwhile, drivers have Uber Pro: it is available to all partners in Brazil and offers more races with VIP users, priority travel from airports, and discounts on semi-personal courses and gyms. In the U.S., the company tests a loyalty program for couriers called Uber Eats Pro.

Benefits of each level of Uber Rewards:

Uber Rewards

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