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THE Uber launched on Wednesday (28) the Uber Rewards, a loyalty program for users who travel through the app. The service, which appeared in the United States, began to reach Brazilian cities with benefits such as VIP drivers, protected prices on a favorite route and surprise upgrade of modality.

Uber Rewards

Each spend of R $ 1 earns 1 point in the Uber Juntos, UberX and UberX VIP races, or in the orders of Uber Eats. If you request a Uber Select or Uber Black trip, you earn 2 points per real expense.

Points are required to reach one of Uber Rewards four levels: Blue (up to 400 points), Gold (more than 400 points), Platinum (more than 1,500 points) and Diamond (more than 4,000 points). The level of each user is calculated every six months; this is the period you will have to collect the points.

Uber Rewards Gold, Platinum and Diamond

Benefits start at the level Gold: you will have priority service in support and access to VIP drivers, that is, those who “have many trips and are among the best rated on the platform”. This was known as Uber VIP and has been available in Brazilian cities since 2017.

At the level Platinum, there are three additional treats: a free delivery to Uber Eats every six months, priority to order a car at selected airports and price consistency on your favorite route. In the latter, you choose a starting and ending point (your home and work, for example) and start paying a “consistent” price. Uber explains that “in exceptional cases of high demand, if the price is much higher than the defined value, you will have a 25% discount on the maximum price”.

Finally, the level Diamond, which requires 4,000 points accumulated in six months, brings together all the previous benefits, plus three free deliveries of Uber Eats and a surprise category upgrade. This means that, at random times, if you order an UberX, you can travel by Uber Select or Uber Black at no additional cost.

Uber Rewards

In addition, “for every 500 points accumulated, every user can choose between a 10% discount on UberX trips for three days or a 20% discount on their next order on Uber Eats”, says the company. The rule is valid even for those at the level Blue.

These are changes that may displease users who have already participated in Uber VIP, which had simpler rules, such as “making x trips per month” – normally 20. This modality already had benefits such as VIP drivers, free deliveries at Uber Eats and category upgrades , which may require spending up to R $ 667 per month on the new Uber Rewards.

O Uber Rewards was launched in the cities of Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Maceió, Natal, Brasília, Goiânia, Vitória, Santos, São José dos Campos and Florianópolis. “The expectation is that the expansion will happen over the next few months,” says Uber. The program already considers the expenses of the previous six months, so those who usually make many trips may be at Gold, Platinum or Diamond levels.

Uber Rewards has similar benefits in the U.S.

The Brazilian version of Uber Rewards is similar to that of the United States, where the required scores are higher. While the Gold, Platinum and Diamond categories require 500, 1,500 and 4,000 points every six months in Brazil, Americans need to accumulate 500, 2,500 and 7,500 points, respectively. There, each dollar spent accumulates 1 point in Eats, 2 points in UberX or Select and 3 points in Uber Black, for example.

The benefits at each level are the same as in Brazil, with the exception of one: in the United States, Gold, Platinum and Diamond users also earn “flexible cancellations”, receiving a refund of the cancellation fee as long as another race is requested in 15 minutes. Uber changed the cancellation rules in July in Brazil.

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