Uber reveals drone prototype for food delivery | Business

Uber has released an image of the prototype drone it plans to use to deliver orders placed on Uber Eats. The equipment has six rotating propellers that move for both landing and takeoff moments, as well as overflights.

Uber reveals drone prototype for food delivery Business

According to the company, the propellers are positioned vertically to start and end flights properly and move to the rear of the drone in search of “greater speed and efficiency during the flight”.

The drone should be tested in San Diego, California, starting in 2020. Uber has already been authorized by the United States Federal Aviation Administration, which allowed the equipment to circulate up to 120 meters in height.

The company claims that the drone has already undergone its “critical design review” and could have its first flight in 2019. The equipment was created to transport meals for up to two people in an 8-minute interval between loading and order pickup. .

With a maximum speed of 48 km / h, it is capable of making flights up to 19 kilometers when having a meal and up to 29 kilometers when it is empty. The idea, however, is not to use it to carry out the entire delivery.

Uber expects restaurants to load the drones with orders and then the devices go to a point near the customer. While the flight is taking place, a delivery person will be notified to go to this location, pick up the order and cover the last stretch, which will be less than two kilometers.

With information: The Verge, TechCrunch.

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