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THE Uber is expanding a security feature in Brazil and other Latin American countries: you need to report a four digit code to the driver before starting the race. This PIN can be received via SMS or directly in the application. The company is trying to streamline this process by authorizing travel by ultrasound.


Reports have been piling up on Twitter over the past 24 hours from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Costa Rica. In general, the security code arrives via SMS, instead of appearing in the application.

“Codes guarantee the right information when your exact location cannot be determined by our system,” explains Uber for a user. “It is sent to the cell phone, inserted in the driver’s app and the trip can start normally. You will be asked on some trips. ”

This feature has been tested since June, and made official at an event earlier this month. “The user can choose to receive a four-digit password, which must be told to the driver so that he can start the journey on the app”, says the company.

Uber sends security code

Uber did not inform users about security code

In the future, the security code will be transmitted by ultrasound to the driver’s cell phone: in this way, the validation process will be automatic, and the passenger will receive a confirmation on the smartphone (as a vibration).

But for now, the verification code has taken users by surprise. The application does not seem to give any advance notice that it will be necessary to inform the driver of a PIN: it is a problem if the cell phone has no battery, or if you order the car from someone else.

Questioned by Tecnoblog on the move, Uber’s adviser mentioned a release released two weeks ago warning that new security features “will be tested in some cities”.

In addition to this novelty, Uber has been testing a feature for the passenger or driver to start an audio recording if they feel unsafe; this can be used in investigations or shared with the authorities.

And with Ride Check, the Uber app uses your smartphone’s sensors to detect unexpected events during the trip, such as unforeseen stops or accidents.

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