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Uber opened its first kiosk to help passengers who don’t have the app order a car. Operations at the physical point began in late August at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada.

Uber opens airport kiosk to call car even without app

Uber’s goal is to simplify the access of tourists to its service. With the kiosk, the company helps to solve difficulties for those arriving in Toronto and is unable to start a race for the most diverse reasons.

According to Uber interface designer Jon Kantrowitz, the kiosk has a 32-inch LCD monitor to display information about the race. The interaction is made through an iPad Air and a credit card reader that are below the screen.

The system also has a camera and a document reader, as well as speakers and LED lighting that indicate the order status. With accessibility in mind, the company also included a phone that describes the screen for people with visual impairments.

The idea of ​​offering a physical means for passengers to order a car has been developed at least since March 2018. In an old text in company blog, the head of Uber’s innovation team, Anurag Agarwalla, addressed the importance of a user-friendly interface.

“An influence for the Uber kiosk came from arcade games, which, compared to a PC at home, create a social environment inviting others to help the main user,” said the executive.

For those looking to travel to Toronto, the Uber kiosk is in Terminal 1 of the airport. There is still no information on when the company will take the model to other cities.

With information: Business Insider.

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