Uber Hourly allows you to book trips for a fixed hourly rate

What if, instead of paying Uber per race, could you hire the service per hour? This is the proposal of the Uber Hourly. After a trial period, the sport was officially announced this Friday (29) for some cities in the United States.


In American territory, Uber Hourly allows the user to book a trip for an hour by paying the fixed price of US $ 50. During this period, it is possible to make several stops at no additional cost. Thus, the user can go to several places in sequence without having to make a new car request for each one.

In fact, the user can make a reservation of up to seven hours, but the price does not change: each hour contracted costs US $ 50. If the driver cannot wait at the last stop, he must meet the passenger at a nearby point to proceed to the next destination.

There are some restrictions, however. To begin with, there is an hourly driving limit: in the United States, the car can only run for up to 40 miles per hour, otherwise the user will have to pay for an additional mile. There will also be an additional charge if the total number of trips exceeds the number of hours contracted.

Another restriction: the last trip requested cannot be destined for an airport. In addition, there is no refund for the remaining minutes and tolls are charged separately.

Uber Hourly

To hire Uber Hourly, simply select the option of the same name in the service application. Then, it is necessary to select the desired number of hours and follow the instructions to make the reservation.

In the initial phase, which will begin on June 2, Uber Hourly will be available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Tacoma and Tampa Bay.

There is still no information on expansion to other locations, but it is known that the modality is being evaluated in cities in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, which suggests that making it available to more locations is not a remote possibility.

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