Uber gains role for female drivers to only accept passengers | Brazil

Uber launched on Thursday (24) the option “U-Elas”, for female drivers who prefer to race with passengers. The function will be tested for the first time in the world in three Brazilian cities: Campinas, Curitiba and Fortaleza.


From November, drivers in these cities will be able to turn the passenger filter on and off at any time. The feature will be valid both for those already driving with Uber and for new Uber partners.

The announcement is part of the “Elas na Direcção” initiative, aimed at encouraging women to register as drivers on the platform. According to the director general of Uber in Brazil, Claudia Woods, only 6% of the base of drivers of the service in the country are women.

To encourage their adherence to the platform, the program provides benefits. The principal involves an extra amount for drivers who make their first 100 trips and do not reach R $ 1,500. In these cases, Uber will guarantee the amount necessary to reach this amount.

The action also offers conditions for women who want to drive but don’t have a car. Localiza, the platform’s vehicle rental partner, will provide specific conditions for women, such as rent without a credit card, in the three cities with the tests.

The program will also feature an educational platform, with courses and lectures on women’s empowerment and financial education, and a support network with face-to-face assistance provided by women.

According to Uber, the goal is to reduce inequality between men and women on the platform. Woods says the company also intends to offer an option in the future for passengers to travel only with female drivers.

The executive says that, at the moment, this is not possible precisely because of the low number of women in front of the wheel. After the tests in Campinas, Curitiba and Fortaleza, the new option should be taken to other Brazilian cities in 2020.

With information: Twitter, Exam.

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