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THE Uber carried out yet another round of layoffs: 350 employees from various teams will leave the company, including from Eats and ATG (Advanced Technologies Group), responsible for the development of autonomous cars. Recently, another 750 people were also laid off in the areas of marketing, product and engineering.

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says in an internal email that this is the third and final phase of layoffs. About 1% of employees were dismissed this time, according to the TechCrunch. More than 70% of affected people work in the USA and Canada; the rest is spread over Latin America, Asia-Pacific and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

“ATG, Eats, Global Travel and Platform (travel operations, communication operations, security and insurance, U4B [Uber for Business] and product operations), Performance Marketing and Recruitment made changes, ”writes Khosrowshahi in the email. “As part of this, some of our employees are being asked to move, and about 350 will be leaving the company.”

ATG is Uber’s advanced technology group that works primarily on technologies for autonomous cars. The company believes that this will be the key to becoming profitable, as it will be possible to maintain up to 100% of the value of the races, since there will be no driver to share the winnings.

Despite the layoffs, ATG has more than 1,200 employees. The value of this division is estimated at US $ 7.25 billion.

Uber had record loss of $ 5.2 billion

“Days like today are difficult for all of us; the ELT [Executive Leadership Team, equipe de liderança executiva] and I will do everything we can to ensure that we will not need or have another day like this, ”says Khosrowshahi in the email.

In July, Uber laid off 400 of the 1,200 employees on its global marketing team. In September, 170 people from the product team and 265 from the engineering division were released.

The company had a record loss of US $ 5.2 billion in the second quarter: a large part of this negative result was due to the IPO, due to the stock remuneration for employees. However, even discounting this, losses were in excess of $ 1 billion, hence the cost cut.

With information: TechCrunch.

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