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O Uber Eats Pro was launched this Thursday (31) for those who work with delivery in the USA: it is a points program that offers rewards for deliverers, including free higher education courses via EAD, preferential support and cashback on fuel costs. This is an expansion of Uber Pro for drivers.


They may participate in the Uber Eats Pro all couriers working in the service: can be on a motorcycle, bicycle or on foot. They earn 3 points for each delivery made during lunch time (11 am to 2 pm), 6 points during dinner (5 pm to 9 pm), and 1 point at other times of the day.

There are four categories of Uber Eats Pro: Partner, which encompasses everyone; Gold, with a minimum of 100 points; Platinum, which starts at 300 points; and Diamond, for those who accumulate 600 points or more. In all cases, it is necessary to maintain a satisfaction rate of 95% or higher; this takes into account the grade given by customers and restaurants.

Uber Eats Pro gives free snacks at Subway and cashback

Whoever is in the Partner category already receives some rewards, such as discount in bicycle helmets and car maintenance. There is also the Daily Snack, which offers some free items sold by Subway, including 15 cm sandwiches, drinks and cookies. It is possible to redeem the offer at one of the 10,000 participating restaurants; they appear on the map embedded in the app.

Uber Eats

There is cashback in fuel costs for those who use the Uber Visa Debit Card: 1.5% for the Partner category, 3% for Gold, 4% for Platinum and 5% for Diamond. We still have 80 university courses distance learning courses offered free of charge by Arizona State University Online; in this case, you must accumulate 100 points or more, in addition to having a minimum experience of 1,000 deliveries through Eats.

Uber Eats Pro is available in more than 200 U.S. cities. “We still do not have a forecast for the novelty in Brazil,” the company tells Tecnoblog.

However, this should be a matter of time. Uber Pro for drivers launched in the U.S. in 2018 and has expanded to more countries since then: it is available to 100% of partners in Brazil, Australia, France, Mexico and New Zealand.

With information: Uber.

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