Uber Comfort is announced in Brazil with races without conversations | Business

THE Uber announced on Monday (7) that the Uber Comfort, a mode of racing without conversations, will be launched in Brazil. More expensive than UberX, the new category allows you to ask the driver to be silent and set the air conditioning temperature to your liking.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort launched in August in the United States and Canada at prices between 20% and 40% higher than UberX. The new mode enables a travel preferences screen: before getting into the car, you can enter your preferred temperature and choose whether you are willing to talk to the driver or if you prefer a quiet race.

Uber Comfort cars are newer and offer more legroom, as well as being driven by drivers with higher grades. According to Estaḍo, it will replace the current Uber Select, which offers more comfortable vehicles at a lower price than the luxury Uber Black service Рwhich will also gain new comfort preferences.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort will replace Uber Select in Brazil on November 21. Prices have not yet been released. Would you overpay for the new options?

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