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Uber announced a new feature in its app to help anyone who doesn’t want to have long conversations on the trip. The silent mode, as it was called by the company, informs the driver that the passenger prefers to talk only about the essentials.

The solution was only released in Uber Black and Uber Black SUV modalities in some cities in the United States and should be taken to more regions soon. With it, users can inform if they want silence, if they would be happy to chat or even if they have no defined preference.

Uber Black Launches Quiet Mode to Avoid Travel Conversations

The silent mode appears in an area aimed at informing preferences during the race, also exclusive to the modalities. The section lets the passenger indicate how they would like the air conditioning to be and if they need any help with luggage.

The two most expensive categories now offer extra time before boarding without the passenger being subject to late fees. In addition, in case something goes wrong, there is a direct service with company representatives, as well as Uber Rewards.

“We are looking to create more differentiation between premium products and regular products to encourage more travel,” he tells the TechCrunch Uber product manager Aydin Ghajar. According to him, drivers reacted well with a new preferences area.

“They want to deliver a great experience to their passengers,” says the executive. “But they don’t necessarily know what the passenger wants.” According to the company, drivers are not required to respect preferences.

“The driver is an independent contractor,” says Ghajar. “We are just communicating the passenger’s preference. The driver can have this information and do whatever he wants ”. With prices much higher than the regular modes, Uber Black drivers are expected to fulfill passenger requests.

With information: The Verge.

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