Uber and 99 drivers win their own category and can become MEI | Brazil

Drivers of apps like Uber and 99 can finally register as MEI (individual microentrepreneur). The Management Committee of Simples Nacional published on Thursday (8) a resolution in the Federal Official Gazette that creates a new category.

Uber app

With the publication of the document, Simples Nacional now has the occupation of an “independent application driver”. As in other categories, drivers can register as MEI if they receive up to R $ 81 thousand per year (about R $ 6.7 thousand per month).

Formalization costs R $ 54.90 per month, value of the services sector, in which application drivers fit. Professionals also need to make an annual declaration of Simples Nacional and issue invoices to legal entities (in this case, Uber and 99, for example).

On the other hand, drivers are entitled to retirement by age if they contribute at least 15 years as an MEI. The minimum amount to be received is the minimum wage, but the amount may increase if the monthly payment is also higher.

Professionals enrolled as MEIs also have benefits such as disability retirement, maternity pay, sickness benefit, prison allowance and death pension for their dependents.

The government has been discussing since May the adoption of a measure to formalize drivers. At the time, the Civil House considered establishing the possibility of companies signing agreements with Social Security to ensure that professionals were contributing, which was not specified in the resolution.

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