Uber already shows the driver the user’s destination area before the trip

This week Uber began showing service drivers the destination region of the user before the start of the race. The functionality is only available in the cities of Curitiba (PR), Florianópolis (SC) and Porto Alegre (RS). In addition, the driver app will warn if the user has few rides on Uber.

Uber app - driver

The new function had been tested since September 2018 in the three mentioned cities. According to the company, several variations of the application were evaluated until the definition of the current format, which shows the neighborhood of destination of the applicant and, if applicable, that the person has less than five runs registered in the service.

Knowing the user’s destination region in advance is an old request from drivers, says Fabio Plein, Uber’s Director of Operations in Brazil: “We created a tool to ensure this without harming users,” he says.

Obviously, the main reason drivers ask the application to display this type of information is to be concerned about safety. Upon knowing the passenger’s destination in advance, the driver will find out, before starting the journey, if the request is for a region considered to be dangerous or unwanted, and may make a decision about it.

Uber - passenger destination

However, destination information and, when appropriate, the alert that the user has few races on Uber, only appear to the driver after the race has been accepted.

It was unclear whether the new functionality will be made available to absolutely all drivers of the service, but, without specifying which ones, Uber says cities in other regions are also receiving the feature.

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