Uber allows drivers to stop accepting money in more cities | Business

More drivers from Uber will be able to block runs with cash payment: the company is expanding a tool that allows you to receive only runs paid in other ways, such as credit and debit cards. Still in the testing phase, the resource will reach three more cities in the interior of São Paulo “in the coming weeks”.


The tool that blocks cash-based runs is being tested in Campo Grande, Cuiabá, João Pessoa, Ribeirão Preto, São José dos Campos, São Luís and Sorocaba. She will soon arrive in Bragança Paulista, Marília and Mogi Guaçu.

If the driver activates this tool, the Uber app will no longer suggest cash-paid runs. Only users will appear who will pay for the trip with other payment methods, including credit card, debit card and Uber Cash balance.

“Partner drivers have been expressing their preference for being able to choose how they receive their payment,” says Uber Brazil’s director general in Brazil, Claudia Woods, in a statement. “The expansion of current tests is a fundamental step in this process, in order to evaluate a possible implementation.”

Uber shows payment method and user destination

Last year, Uber started showing drivers the payment method and destination of the user before the race started. This is true in Brazilian capitals and in some other cities. The company says that this has “the objective of giving the driver more transparency in the information of each trip”.

Uber began accepting cash as a payment method in 2016, in order to expand in cities where fewer people use credit cards. Some drivers criticize this requirement: it requires the partner to always change, and can increase the risk of robberies. 99 allows drivers to choose how to pay for their races.

To increase security, Uber has developed a tool in Brazil to validate users who do not enter their card number in their registration. U-Check uses data such as CPF to obtain additional information in the Serasa Experian system.

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