U1 chip allows iPhone 11 to find another one to transfer files

When the Apple announces a iPhone, some important details about the novelty only appear after the launch event. This is the case U1 chip: present on both iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro line, it allows you to transfer a file via AirDrop simply pointing your device at another. And look, this is just one of the attributes.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The U1 basically consists of a chip that allows the iPhone to quickly locate and communicate with nearby devices based on the same technology.

To a certain extent, U1 resembles Bluetooth Low Energy (LE): both technologies are based on short-range, low-power radio for wireless communication between physically close devices.

However, Apple’s technology appears to be more accurate in location: with an iPhone with U1 and iOS 13, all you have to do is point the device at another equipped with the same chip; subsequently, AirDrop will place the device found as a priority to receive the file to be shared.

The idea is to make communication very fast: although Apple does not comment on speeds, it is known that the technology allows the distance between the two devices to be calculated to optimize transmission. It is not by chance that the letter ‘U’ in U1 makes reference to ultra wide band the chip.

iPhone 11 Pro - AirDrop

But Apple wouldn’t implement a chip like that just to make it easier to use the AirDroip, right? Well, on the pages of the new iPhones, Apple says “and this is just the beginning” in the topic that addresses U1. We can expect more functionality, therefore.

The company makes a mystery about which ones, but one possibility is that the chip will work with the Apple Tag, a small device that, if it is even launched, will help you locate your keys or your wallet, for example.

Rumors said that the Apple Tag would be announced alongside the new iPhones. It was not. But that does not mean that the idea has been discarded. Let’s keep an eye on.

With information: The Verge.

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