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The new Microsoft Flight Simulator it displays a very peculiar error on its gigantic world map: a 212-story building, created from a typo, thanks to the original creator of the same map.

Typo in Flight Simulator created 212-story structure / Playback / Engadget

The 212-story building is located in Melbourne, Australia, and stands out for being much larger than any other structure in the vicinity, surpassing even other buildings in the real world, such as the Empire State in New York, USA, which it has 102 floors.

The structure was noticed by fans, who played the novelty on Twitter, with several images of the mysterious building. The explanation, however, comes from another source and a very peculiar cause regarding development.

It turns out that the producer of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Asobo Studio, used data from the Open Street Map website to recreate the game’s world map. In this same map, about a year ago, the user named “nathanwright120” added a code that positioned a 212-story building, instead of two.

Typo in Flight Simulator created 212-story structure / Playback / Engadget

The error has already been corrected in the Open Street Map, but not in time for the data collection made by Asobo Studio, which caused the gigantic building to be taken into the game.

For now, Microsoft and Asobo have not said whether they intend to remove the gigantic building from the game by upgrading, so it might be a good idea to play before it is removed, for the curious.

The new Flight Simulator it is sold in physical version with 10 DVDs or can also be downloaded at no additional cost in the Game Pass for Windows 10, although many people have faced problems in downloading, as published in the community Tecnoblog.

With information: The Verge

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