Two members of the Libra Association want to give up Facebook cryptocurrency | Business

Libra was presented in June as a Facebook project with 27 other companies that form the Libra Association. The cryptocurrency has not yet left the paper, but it already runs the risk of losing the support of two partners.

Facebook Libra

The information is Financial Times, which did not reveal which companies would be. According to the newspaper, they say they are concerned about the actions of regulators in the United States and the European Union and are studying cutting ties with the Libra Association.

The group includes companies such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, Lyft, Spotify, eBay, MercadoPago and Calibra, Facebook’s subsidiary for financial services. Each of them invested US $ 10 million in the project.

Despite this, people close to the cryptocurrency claim that the lack of public support by members of the Libra Association has irritated Facebook. According to reports, company representatives believe they are the only ones working to get Libra off the ground.

“I think it will be difficult for partners who want to be seen as compliant [com seus próprios reguladores] be out there supporting [o Libra]”, Said one of the association’s partners to Financial Times, who reports that this is the situation for a third company.

The newspaper also says that two of the companies have discussions about what would be the “next correct steps” to be taken. They would be concerned about regulators, who question the project’s risks with money laundering and tax evasion crimes.

“Some of these conversations [sobre regulamentação] should have happened before the launch, to understand how regulators would think about it, so that there would be so much reaction, ”said one of the sources FT.

While Libra is not released, it is already used to apply fraud on the internet. According to the Washington Post, profiles and pages on Facebook and Instagram are using the material released by Facebook to impersonate Libra sales channels.

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