Twitter launches function that hides responses to your tweets

You post something on Twitter and, in the midst of several interesting responses, a provocative or even offensive tweet appears. Know that you no longer need to go through this: the social network has just officially launched a function that allows you to hide unwanted responses.

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This function was put to the test for a few months and, this Thursday (21st), it was released to all accounts. Twitter’s intention is to maintain a healthy social media environment as much as possible.

The operation is simple: when faced with an unwanted response, just touch the symbol in the upper right corner of the tweet and choose the option to hide the message. It will no longer be shown to you and everyone who follows the thread.

Note, however, that the procedure does not delete the message. You and your contacts will be able to view it in the option that shows hidden tweets.

In the testing phase, which mainly happened to users in Canada, Twitter noted that most users resorted to the feature to hide responses considered irrelevant, inconsistent with the subject or irritating.

This is also a way to make users who give up on certain topics more comfortable for fear of overreacting reactions.

To some extent, the new function also has a “didactic” effect: in a survey by Twitter, 27% of users who had hidden responses said they would rethink their behavior in future interactions.

Hide replies on Twitter

But there is also a worrying side: that the new function is used in an abusive way, for example, to hide responses that confirm that a particular tweet is false news or to silence different points of view, even if these messages have no harmful intent .

In addition, some users expressed concern about receiving retaliation for hidden responses, since the icon that gives access to them is openly available. Twitter says it is already working on this issue.

If the news hasn’t come to you yet, just wait. The function to hide responses is being made available in the applications and web versions of Twitter, but gradually.

With information: TechCrunch.

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