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O Twitter launched its new API on Wednesday (12). Twitter API v2 reaches developers with features that already exist on the social network, but are still unavailable for third-party apps, such as polls, pinned tweets and spam filters, in addition to different levels of access. The new version also aims to be easier to use.

Twitter launches API v2 with new features for third-party apps

Announced in mid-July, API v2 was delayed due to the biggest attack in its history, which targeted 130 accounts. “We have no evidence that the incident has anything to do with our API, but we decided to move the release to a more appropriate time,” said Twitter at the time.

This is the first time that the API has been rewritten from scratch since 2012. Among the new features of the update is the possibility of including functions such as viewing poll results, tweets fixed in profiles and conversations in topics in third-party applications. The new Twitter API also brings spam filters to apps.

Twitter still offers three levels of access, unlike API v1.1, identified as Standard, Academic Research and Companies. According to the social network, the novelty arrives to serve “different groups of developers and provide them with the experience and support appropriate to their needs, along with a range of relevant access levels and appropriate prices (when applicable)”.

With information: The Verge and Twitter Developer Blog

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