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TIM and Anatel closed a TAC (Conduct Adjustment Term) to replace fines of R $ 627 million for additional investments in telecommunications: the operator is expected to bring 4G coverage to 366 poor municipalities without the technology, especially in the North and Northeast regions. It is also committed to improving customer service, both in person and via the application; and reimburse undue charges in up to 6 months.

TIM store (photo by Ismar Ingber)

Within the agreement, TIM is committed to taking 4G coverage to 366 municipalities and 18 districts without the technology. They have a population of less than 30 thousand inhabitants and a low human development index. There are 268 cities in the North and Northeast, 89 in the north of Minas, and 9 in Goiás.

By 2020, TIM is expected to cover 165 of these municipalities with 4G. In 2021, there will be 137 more locations; while the remaining 64 cities will receive the technology by 2022. The operator must also fulfill the commitments not yet fulfilled in the 3G notices (carried out in 2007) and the remainder of band H (done in 2011).


This is only part of the agreement. TIM received fines of R $ 627 million, in part, due to problems with customer service. Therefore, the operator must create “tools for the correct management of queues” in the personal assistance, with a term of up to 2 years.

In addition, the Meu TIM application you should get a tool to consult protocols and digital documentation within 1 year; management of SVAs (Value Added Services) in up to 2 years; and registration of demands via the app in up to 3 years.

“TIM is also committed to compensating affected users with unauthorized charges over the six-month period, ”said Emmanoel Campelo, Anatel advisor and rapporteur on the process. There is still a period of 240 days to implement improvements and “guarantee the correct call forwarding“.

Finally, the operator promises to reach, within 3 years, all the Quality Indicators established by Anatel. The TAC must still be approved by the Federal Court of Auditors; check here the presentation with the details.

Anatel signs agreement with operators to convert fines

Anatel is starting to adopt a different strategy with the operators: the agency converts fines into investments in the network, since it only manages to collect 12% of the amount – most of it is locked in court or awaits payment in the register of defaulters.

This is the first TAC between Anatel and a nationwide operator; before, the agency closed a similar agreement with Algar Telecom. “The presence of public interest does not mean the absence of private interest and vice versa”, says the agency’s president, Leonardo Euler de Morais.

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