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TIM’s CEO, Pietro Labriola, stated that the “5G for real ” it will only exist after Anatel’s frequency auction, which will only take place in the first quarter of 2021, and that the “5G of marketing” arrives as soon as possible. The operator is preparing to launch the fifth generation with dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) in October.

TIM's website about 5G.  Image: Disclosure / Site TIM

TIM’s website about 5G. Image: Disclosure / Site TIM

The answer came after Labriola was asked about the launch date of the technology in Brazil: “If we talk about the real 5G, after the auction, but if we talk about the 5G of marketing, it comes too soon”. The executive also states that he intends to improve the quality of the service with the logic of transparency, and, for that, TIM should be more assertive when explaining the real advantages of the offer.

TIM should launch 5G DSS this month

Even having talked about “5G marketing”, TIM is preparing to launch the 5G DSS in October in Bento Gonçalves (RS), Itajubá (MG) and Três Lagoas (MS). Contrary to the strategy of Claro, Oi and Vivo, TIM will use the technology for residential broadband, in the FWA model. In a note to the Tecnoblog, the company said that network activation was completed in September and that performance testing should begin this week.

TIM already sells residential broadband access using 4G. TIM Live Internet is marketed in the municipalities covered by the 700 MHz frequency and has a promised speed of 5 Mb / s, but with a data allowance of up to 80 GB. Plans for the 5G DSS have not yet been released by the company.

TIM will launch 63 new stores in SP by 2021

TIM announced the new commercial strategy for São Paulo. It will open 42 new stores in the state by the end of the year and another 21 units in 2021 in partnership with the Jufap group. In all, the company will have 197 establishments next year. The operator is betting on the recovery of the Brazilian economy: “We believe that this is the right time to invest in the country,” said the executive. About 300 people will be hired for the contract.

Labriola also revealed that the purchase of Oi and the incorporation of customers will allow the opening of new stores, even if outside São Paulo. The executive explains that it is necessary to have a demand for existing users and potential for new subscriptions for the investment to make sense.

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