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THE TIM started to warn prepaid customers that it will discount data from Twitter, Facebook and Messenger. The measure comes shortly after the operator removes unlimited calls via WhatsApp and is valid for both TIM Pré Top users and old plans. Nothing has changed in TIM Controle or postpaid, at least for now.

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The change affects TIM Pré Top customers, a plan that included traffic released to Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Customers will be able to use unlimited social networks until September 20, 2020; from that date, there will be a discount on the contracted data package.

Meanwhile, customers with older prepaid plans – such as TIM Pré Smart and Pré Turbo – will be affected by the removal of Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp traffic continues to be released, but only for audio, video, photo and text – voice and video calls are discounted since July 31, 2020.

SMS sent to TIM Pré Turbo customer alerting changes to the regulation

With the changes, so are TIM’s plans in the current portfolio (the values ​​are valid for São Paulo, DDD 11):

Recharge amount Duration Data package
R $ 15 10 days 1.4 GB
4.3 GB to use at dawn
WhatsApp unlimited
R $ 20 2 weeks 2 GB
6 GB to use at dawn
WhatsApp unlimited
R $ 30 3 weeks 3 GB
9 GB to use at dawn
WhatsApp unlimited
R $ 40 4 weeks 4 GB
12 GB to use at dawn
WhatsApp unlimited
R $ 50 30 days 4.3 GB
12 GB to use at dawn
WhatsApp unlimited

All options also include unlimited calls to any operator in Brazil, as well as an SMS package. You receive a 2 GB bonus valid for 7 days if you recharge through digital channels; if the credits are added by C6 Bank, the bonus changes to 3 GB, also valid for one week.

In a note to the Tecnoblog, TIM informs that “the novelties provide greater freedom to the consumer to use the internet on the smartphone. Thus, the social networking applications included in promotional offers in prepaid offers will have their data traffic discounted from the internet packages of each plan as of 09/20/2020.

The company highlighted the launch of the loyalty program TIM + Advantages, which will give internet bonuses to those who make consecutive monthly recharges of at least R $ 30, entitled to an invitation to TIM Beta in the fifth month.

Change is part of the prepaid remodeling

In July, the head of consumer marketing from TIM, João Stricker, told Tecnoblog that the operator takes into account the use of data from applications when formulating plans, and that he prefers to give the user the option of using the internet as he wishes. This change was found in postpaid TIM Black, which previously had a dedicated video franchise and now has a larger data package, without distinction of traffic.

O Tecnoblog also found out this is the remodeling planned for the month of August, which focuses on the launch of TIM + Advantages and removal of unlimited social networks. In the case of TIM Beta, the novelty was the flexibility of joining for those who make refills, and the company foresees other changes in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Changes to the TIM Pré Top regulations

Changes to the TIM Pré Top regulations.  Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog

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