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Black Friday has not yet arrived, but companies are already taking advantage of the month of November to anticipate offers: TIM offers up to 10 GB in internet bonuses for the control plan and postpaid TIM Black. They have unlimited calls to any operator and access to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Waze without discounting the franchise.

TIM store (photo by Ismar Ingber)

TIM Controle has 9 GB of internet for R $ 50

TIM’s control plan is interesting: the operator gives bonuses of up to 7 GB for those who join one of the plans. Check out:

  • 9 GB (5 GB + 4 GB bonus): R $ 49.99 on your credit card (without loyalty)
  • 9 GB (4 GB + 5 GB bonus): R $ 54.99 on digital billet (with loyalty)
  • 9 GB (4 GB + 5 GB bonus): R $ 64.99 in the boleto (without fidelity)
  • 12 GB (5 GB + 7 GB bonus): R $ 54.99 on digital billet (with loyalty)
  • 12 GB (5 GB + 7 GB bonus): R $ 79.99 on the invoice (without loyalty)

All plans include unlimited calls to any operator (including DDD), national roaming, unlimited SMS to TIM and 100 to other operators, as well as unlimited access without discounting the franchise to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Waze. The 12 GB plan has unlimited Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; 9 GB options have free social media for three months.

With the exception of the plan with payment by credit card, those who opt for 12-month loyalty will pay less in the monthly fee. According to regulation, the bonus is valid for both portability and new lines, or even the migration of TIM customers who are in default.

Although this may seem like a super promotion, it is already possible to find other plans with similar price and deductible. TIM prepaid is an example: TIM Pré Top Mais has 10 GB of internet plus a 30 GB bonus for browsing during the night, and costs R $ 60. In the competition, it is worth checking out Claro Flex: there are 8 GB for R $ 39.90, or 10 GB for R $ 49.90.

TIM Black has 10 GB bonus

In postpaid, the bonus is better: whoever contracts one of the TIM Black plans will receive 10 GB to use as they wish. These are the options:

  • 16 GB (6 GB + 10 GB bonus) and 6 GB for videos: R $ 109.99
  • 18 GB (8 GB + 10 GB bonus) and 8 GB for videos: R $ 119.99
  • 20 GB (10 GB + 10 GB bonus) and 10 GB for videos: R $ 139.99
  • 25 GB (15 GB + 10 GB bonus) and 15 GB for videos: R $ 179.99
  • 60 GB (50 GB + 10 GB bonus) and 50 GB for videos: R $ 249.99

The plans include discounted access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (including Messenger), Telegram and Waze. The video franchise can be used with Netflix, Looke, Esporte Interativo Plus and Cartoon Network Já; in plans from 18 GB onwards, YouTube is also included.

There is a 12 month loyalty on plans with an 18 GB or higher deductible. It is possible to opt for a plan with no minimum stay, but monthly fees rise between R $ 40 and R $ 220, depending on the option chosen.

TIM should launch promotion similar to last year

TIM’s website already has a countdown to Black Friday offers, which will arrive on November 21st. In an interview with Tecnoblog, a TIM executive stated that the operator would “repeat what is working”.

Last year (and the year before), those who subscribed to TIM Black had an internet bonus of 100 GB for one year, but limited only to video apps. The operator’s press office informed Tecnoblog that the promotion will not be the same this year.

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