TIM Live activates broadband by optical fiber in Recife | Telecommunications

Recife residents now have a new internet operator: this is the TIM Live, which has fixed broadband through optical fiber (FTTH). It is the sixth Brazilian capital to receive the service, which is present in Goiás, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo and 16 other municipalities.

TIM store (photo by Ismar Ingber)

Coverage is still restricted: the operator mentions presence in the neighborhoods of Iputinga, Jardim São Paulo and Ipsep, with optical fiber reaching 38 thousand households. Plans start at a speed of 100 Mb / s and go up to 2 Gb / s. Check out:

velocity Value
100 Mb / s download
60 Mb / s upload
R $ 130
300 Mb / s download
180 Mb / s upload
R $ 160 or R $ 120 in account debit
300 Mb / s download
180 Mb / s upload
R $ 240
500 Mb / s download
250 Mb / s upload
R $ 337.50
1 Gb / s download
300 Mb / s upload
R $ 645
2 Gb / s download
500 Mb / s upload
R $ 1,170

All plans include a telephone line with unlimited calls to local landlines and cell phones. In the 150 Mb / s plan onwards, unlimited calls are national, and from 1 Gb / s international calls (DDI) are included.

Broadband plans have access to video services; all include Esporte Interativo Plus and Cartoon Network Já !. At speeds of 150 Mb / s onwards, Fox channels (Fox, FX, Fox Life, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Kids, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, Baby TV, Fox Premium 1 and Fox Premium also enter two).

According to TIM, the new chain in Recife generated 350 direct and indirect jobs. It remains to be seen whether the network will expand to more neighborhoods over time.

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