TIM: “let’s repeat what is working” on Black Friday 2019 | Telecommunications

Just over a month to go sexta-feira Negra, and the TIM is already moving to launch its offers. We spoke with Marcos Senna Motta, sales manager for handsets and value-added services, who revealed some details about the promotion period and the launch of the iPhone 11.

TIM Shopping Morumbi (photo by Edi Pereira)

In 2018, the operator repeated the 2017 Black Friday promotion: TIM Black postpaid customers received, for a year, an extra 100 GB franchise exclusively for streaming services. O Tecnoblog questioned whether in 2019 we would have any news or the same past promotion.

Motta initially disagreed, but replied: “let’s repeat what is working. Network quality is fundamental to making an offer like this, and the month of November [de 2018] it was very positive ”. The executive stated that TIM has maintained a focus for the most valuable customer for some years, and that it is important to deliver an offer on Black Friday that values ​​both the sale of handsets and services.

TIM’s press office says that this year’s promotion will not be the same as in 2018, but will have “the same concept”. What does that mean? We’ll know for sure next month.

The Black Friday period is so important that it made a difference in the company’s financial results: in 2018, TIM had a 40% growth in product revenue. The number of handsets sold fell, but the average price increased thanks to a better sales mix, raising sales.

Last year, the competition also brought promotional franchises during the Black Friday period:

  • THE surethe postpaid and control plan franchise doubled: whoever hired a 7 GB plan, for example, received 14 GB of internet, in addition to 7 GB for videos;
  • THE Hi had the most aggressive offer (which soon after became a fixed plan in the portfolio), with 50 GB of internet and streaming services without discounting the franchise for R $ 99.90.

TIM will have support for Apple Watch in 2020

Motta revealed that TIM will have support for eSIM on the Apple Watch, but only in 2020. The operators Claro and Vivo already support the versions with 4G. The new Apple Watch Series 5 starts to be sold in Brazil from October 25th.

The executive also commented on the launch of the iPhone 11 on Friday (18). The operator started a pre-sale at its virtual store, which in just four days had twice the demand of a traditional pre-sale. In the TIM Black 10 GB plan, the iPhone 11 with 64 GB of capacity costs R $ 3,999.

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