TIM launches pre-paid plan with 10 GB and early morning bonus for R $ 60 | Telecommunications

THE TIM reformulated its prepaid plan and increased the internet franchise, in addition to including an extra franchise to be used in the early hours: o TIM Pré Top More now has 10 GB of internet in the monthly period, in addition to another 30 GB to be used during the night. It also includes unlimited calls and access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter without discounting the franchise.

TIM Shopping Morumbi (photo by Edi Pereira)

See the top up options:

  • 5 days for R $ 10 – 1.6 GB of internet and 5 GB of dawn bonuses
  • 7 days for R $ 15 – 2.3 GB of internet and 7 GB of dawn bonuses
  • 10 days for R $ 20 – 3.3 GB of internet and 10 GB of dawn bonuses
  • 15 days for R $ 30 – 5 GB of internet and 15 GB of dawn bonuses
  • 20 days for R $ 40 – 6.6 GB of internet and 20 GB of dawn bonuses
  • 25 days for R $ 50 – 8.3 GB of internet and 25 GB of dawn bonuses
  • 30 days for R $ 60 – 10 GB of internet and 30 GB of dawn bonuses

The plans include unlimited calls for other operators (including DDD), unlimited SMS for TIM and 100 SMS for other operators, in addition to unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, including voice calls. A subscription to the TIM Banca Virtual Light plan is also included.

TIM launches pre paid plan with 10 GB and early morning

TIM Pré Top Mais gives internet bonuses between 0h and 6h

With the new plan, TIM now offers an option very close to TIM Beta in traditional prepaid – or even better, depending on the style of use. O dawn bonus it can be used between 00:00 and 06:00 and is equivalent to three times the main franchise, making it a good option for those who stay up all night. When used during the night, the data transferred will be deducted from the bonus franchise until it runs out.

At competition, one of the most similar plans is Claro Flex, which has a credit card charge and options with 8 GB for R $ 39.90 and 10 GB for R $ 49.90. In addition to the price, the advantage is that Claro Flex also includes free access to Instagram, but does not have any bonuses for using at dawn.

And, for Consumer Day, Vivo is giving a bonus of 5 GB in Vivo Controle, which now has 9.5 GB of internet for R $ 54.99.

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