TIM expands 4G and offers VoLTE in more than 3,200 cities | Telecommunications

THE TIM released its second quarter 2019 financial results and announced a major expansion in coverage of the Come back, which allows you to use the network 4G for traditional phone calls. In the same period last year, it had VoLTE in 1,559 municipalities, and now there are 3,325 cities with technology enabled – the number has more than doubled.

TIM expands 4G and offers VoLTE in more than 3200

VoLTE technology already serves 91% of the urban Brazilian population; it is practically all TIM’s 4G coverage, which is present in 3,321 cities. The service is available to users of any plan, whether prepaid, post or control.

To use VoLTE, you must have a 4G-compatible smartphone and be in a location covered by the service – see the full list of cities and devices approved by the operator. If the customer is in a city without VoLTE coverage, the call will be made over 3G or 2G networks.

4G calls have higher voice quality

The great advantage of 4G calls is the voice quality, which has a much higher resolution than in 2G and 3G. In addition, calls complete much faster than on other networks, and save cell phone battery. There is no additional cost to use the technology: calls are charged according to the contracted plan.

Only Vivo and TIM commercially use this technology in Brazil. Last week, Vivo announced that VoLTE would be available in just over 380 municipalities. Claro started testing and released the 4G voice service for some users.

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